I’m SaVanna Shoemaker, the creator of Real Food for Families. I’m a registered dietitian, freelance health writer, and mom of two living in the great state of Arkansas.

After giving my oldest child a diet fairly high in processed food for the first few years of his life, I’ve become really passionate about real food.

It disturbs me how much ultra-processed food is pushed on our children. As a chubby child of the 1990s who grew up eating a lot of gummy snacks, fast food, Hamburger Helper, and purple ketchup, I want to give my kids a better nutritional foundation – especially now that we have a better understanding of just how terrible ultra-processed food is.

I have always struggled with my weight, and I’ve found that following a whole food based, low carb diet helps me a lot. I also have a toddler who needs to eat dairy-free, and a son and husband who, well, have very discerning palettes. So – just like some of y’all – we have some extra dietary needs in addition to wanting to eat real food.

On this site, I’ll help you make easy and quick swaps that your whole family will like and benefit from. I want to help empower you to make better choices for your family, without feeling like you need to completely overhaul what y’all are currently eating all at once.

As with everything else, feeding your family a real food diet is all about progress over perfection. My kids still get to go nuts on Halloween candy, enjoy birthday parties, and get spoiled by their grandparents. They still get Happy Meals, cupcakes, pizza delivery, and even sugary drinks sometimes – but we are always striving to follow the 80/20 rule: 80% real food, 20% other.

My sincere hope is that Real Food for Families shows you just how simple it can be to drastically improve the quality of your family’s diet.

More About SaVanna

  • I’m a registered dietitian, avid gardener and home cook, freelance writer, and homeschool mom.
  • I earned my Bachelor of Science in nutrition from Louisiana Tech University in 2012, and my Master of Science in nutrition from The University of Southern Mississippi in 2014.
  • I’ve been a dietitian since 2013, and in that time I’ve worked in research, public health, and clinical settings before becoming a full-time writer in 2020.

Need a writer? Be sure to check out my portfolio website, SaVannaShoemaker.com.

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